Ya-chu Kang is a Taipei based artist whose work explores issues of identity, the relationship between human and natural and the social environment message through mix-media sculpture, site-specific installation, textile, video, drawing, photographs and collaboration.

Having trained in various sculpture and textile based disciplines, the works range from large site-specific installations to small interdisciplinary sculptures and 2D works. Described as “simulation objects” the work eliminates the boundary between usable items and sculpture — the functional and the aesthetic. The materials themselves have nostalgic senses and original meaning perhaps hidden from their symbolism. The relationships between environment and human bodies, life and death, as well as personal reactions to exteriors often articulated through textile process. Those process embracing accidents, mutations, and accretions of surface and detail with time; accepting nature to have its way with unstable mediums, including plant, sun, salt, and water; and intensive collaboration with other fields and artists.