When he make a work of art, whatever the medium maybe, the physical structure (material) of the work is the ‘body’ and the subject matter its ‘soul’. The work many a times is a representation of what he experiences in his surroundings and how he views his surroundings. To create a piece of work in particular places, he need to experience that place like, considering it energy levels, find interesting things about that geography, what is the culture at that particular place. he, as a viewer become a part of  that  environment  and  the  experience  which  arises  out  of  this  fusion  is transformed into his work. It is necessary for me to keep both body and soul; it means use of physical effort and mental effort. Physical efforts mean the way of using or handling material; the craftsmanship.  On  the  other  hand  mental  efforts  mean  the  way/process  of  thinking  or development of idea or subject matter. Fine arts for him is interdisciplinary as he derive and evolve my ideas by drawing influences and inspirations from various other fields like history, science, literature, film, mythology and so on