Rumen Dimitrov did the High school of art in the town of Kazanlak, and has M.A. in VelikoTarnovo – Cyril and Methodii University in Bulgaria. Rumen is a member of the Union of the Bulgarian Artists. In 1999 he established the DUPPINI Art Group Association.

Since 2011 as chairman of  Duppini Association he has been organizing International symposium of arts in the nature Art-Nature Gabrovtsi 2012 – 2013, Mini festival for contemporary arts “The old post or the contemporary means of communication”, and the project “Master, journeyman and apprentice”, “Debuts” of the National fund “Culture” etc.

Rumen is a lover of nature. Rumen chooses to work with natural materials. He displays an enormous talent in handling his materials, especially wood and stone to make large sized works.

Conceptually his work revolves around the interaction of man with the natural elements. He is intrigued by the quality of strength that the stone possess. Through his large sized works he very often urges the viewer to feel the magnanimity of nature.