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Aarrti Zaveri
is a visual artist who works with and is inspired by nature. She has been brought up in the industrial town of Rajkot, Gujarat, where she lived between machines and nature. Overtime, she was more inclined toward the mysteries and complexities of nature. Since then she works in various forms of art like painting, installation and public art. She aslo works with organic materials that are eco-friendly.

  She is the Vice President of Training and Research in Environmental and Ecological Sciences (TREES). She has been awarded a Senior Fellowship in the field of Visual Art by the Ministry of Culture. She has also been the portrait artist for the Ministry of Defence. Aarrti also hold the position of Chapter Head of Visual Arts Sector under All Ladies League and Women’s Economic Forum. Aarrti has had many solo shows, group shows and has participated in Art fairs in both India and Overseas.

 Numerous figurative sketches and paintings that she made over the years resulted in a series on Masks, that exhibit her love towards oil paintings, human emotions, colors and strokes both on canvas and multimedia. Her work “Pehchaan” dwelt on the subject of retrospection, depicted through “Masks” and carried a message that, “Each self carries immense light, a treasure of vision that needs introspection to discover their own center”.  The series made her come out of her self imposed restrain to explore the variety of subjects dealing with emotions and self-belief.

  Her “Timeless Moments” series is based on Time; the zone of the known and the unknown and the most valuable asset in a person’s life. This series is based on a simple question that aroused in me “Is it us who made time or time that has made us what we are”?  Time is an essential dimension of the universe and an essential component of life. We don’t see time but still everything moves around this invisible dimension.

 In her most recent exhibit, the Journey of ‘Elements of Being’ begins with this simple hypothesis that all of us grow in different ways but at the end we all converge in the idea of unity. When Aarrti embarked on this journey, Haridwar, Varanasi/Banaras and Gangsagar were her primary source of inspiration. Her artwork is a simple representation of what she felt and perceived while just being at these places. This first stage of her journey is more of a visual creation rather than a deep philosophical conclusion.

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